Horse anatomy

The visible parts of horse anatomy equine are called the points of a horse, of which each have a name.

Horse anatomy

These features make up a horse’s conformation.

When you study the horse, all the point's of a horse should be in proportion to each other.

Learning these horse body parts will help you communicate with other horse crazy friends.

Conformation is the way in which a horse is put together and each point should be in proportion with other body parts.

As a rule Conformation is usually judged on what you want the horse to do.

Points of the horse

Poll- The area between the ears at the top of head.

Forelock- Part of the mane, which hangs between the ears.

Forehead - The area between the eyes and below the ears.

Cheek - The side of the face.

Crest - Runs along the top of the neck where the mane grows.

Ergot - Directly behind the fetlocks.

Chestnut - Found on the inside of each leg.

Forearm - Upper part of front leg between the elbow and the knee.

Knee - The front legs, halfway down at the front of the forearm.

Barrel - The body of the horse in between the forelimb and hind limb.

Girth - The area just behind the elbow.

Chest (breast) - Located at the front of the horse, from base of neck to above the forearm.

Shoulder - Runs from the forearm to withers.

Croup - Top line of the hindquarters between the loins and the dock.

Dock - A living part of the tail found at the top of tail.

Back- Between the withers and the loins.

Sheath  - underside of the flank.

Flank  The area right behind the rib cage.

Stifle - Located close to the base of flank.

Thigh  - The area behind the stifle.

Withers - Found just above the top of shoulder blades.

A horse or pony is measures at the highest point of the withers.

Coronet- Soft tissue located at the top of hoof. The band at the top.

Hooves - The feet of a horse.

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