Horse age

Horse age is determined by examining the equine teeth.

As the horse gets older, its incisors or front teeth, slope more and their surface markings change.

Surface markings are known as tables and exhibit three features.

1 – An outer ring of enamel

2 – A broad line of ivory in the centre

3 – A ring of enamel called central enamel, with the line of dark crusta inside it.

When I was a small child, my father would recite a lovely poem to me about the age of horses.

Horse age

Look at my lovely equine teeth!

The poem he taught me I will share with you. As for the author, unfortunately I do not know who it is.

To tell the age of any horse

Inspect the lower jaw of course

The six front teeth will tell the tale

Of any fear and dispel

Two middle nippers he behold

Before the colt is two weeks old

Before eight weeks two more will come

Eight months the corners cut the gum

The outside grooves will disappear

From middle two in just a year

In two years from the second pair

In three years, the “corners” too are bare

At two the middle “nippers” drop

At three the second pair can’t stop

When four year old the third pair goes

At five, a full new set he shows

The deep black spots will pass from view

At six years from the middle two

The second pair at seven years

At eight, the spot each corner clears

From middle “nippers” upper jaw

At nine the black spots will withdraw

The second pair at ten are bright

Eleven finds the corners light

As times goes on the horseman know

The oval teeth three-sided grow

They longer get, project before

Till twenty-one, we care no more

This is my horse’s tooth. He was rising four when my granddaughter gave him a very large carrot.

It took him a while to take a bite, and when he did his tooth, which must have been loose ended up on the floor.

Ageing your horse

Do you have a story to tell? Did you buy a horse and was fooled by it's age, or were you told it was younger or older than it actually was?

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