Highland pony

The Highland pony is native to the north of Scotland and the Western Islands.

This British breed, is one of the largest and strongest of the mountain and moorland pony breeds of the British Isles.

Its pedigree dates back to the 1880s.

It is Britain’s largest of ponies standing up to 14.2hh (1.48m) and its origins appear to date back to prehistoric times.

In the 19th century, Clydesdales were introduced into the breed to produce ponies that were hardy and strong enough to work in the forestry’s.

These Highland ponies were incredibly strong and were used as warhorses and packhorses carrying 252lb/114kg on a daily basis.

Today this breed is very versatile and is a “good doer” thriving on rough pastureland.

Highland pony

The breed has a variety of colours, which include duns in yellow, gold, cream, grey and fox. Brown, black,”bloodstone” (chestnut with silver mane and tail) and piebald also permited.

The dorsal eel stripe is very common and some have zebra markings on legs along with plenty of feather.

The head is well-carried and alert with a kindly eye, broad muzzle and deep jowl.

Reasonable length of neck going from the withers with a good sloping shoulder and well-placed forearm is desired.

Ponies are to have a well-balanced and compact body with deep chest, well-sprung ribs, powerful quarters with a well-developed thigh, strong gaskin and clean flat hocks.

The breed was originally bred to work on the small farms of Scotland, hauling timber and game as well as ploughing.

They are still used for such work, but are usually enjoyed as all-round ponies, good for jumping, trekking, showing, ridden classes and harness horse due to their quietness, stamina, and ability to carry weight.

The breed makes an excellent cross with other breeds, both horse or pony size.

Thoroughbreds are a popular cross with the substance; bone and temperament of the Highland pony and the stamina of the Thoroughbred produce a warm blood type of performance horse for eventing, dressage or show jumping.

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