Healthy horse


My horse looks ok to me, so how do I know if he's in good condition?

Signs of a healthy horse?

·               Clear eyes  

·               Bright eyes  

·               Alert eyes  

·               Soft and glossy coat  

·               Supple skin  

·               Should have a well-covered frame but not over fat  

·               Chew easily  

·               Eats well  

·               Droppings, firm and easily passed  

·               Droppings, colour, golden brown to dark green.

.                Grass fed horses slightly looser and greener in   colour  

·               Urine, almost colourless to pale yellow  

·               Normal temperature, around 38 degrees  

·               Pulse at rest should be 8 to 12 breaths a   


·               Legs, should be cool to touch

·               Feet, should be cool to touch

·               Wormed regularly, every 6-8 weeks

·               Teeth checked annually

·               Vaccinations up to date

·               Shod or trimmed regularly by a registered   farrier

Healthy horse

A horse or pony in good health should be neither fat nor thin.

Sticking out ribs and a potbelly are signs of worms.

At rest, the horse should feel warm, with cool feet and legs. His droppings should be formed and should just break on reaching the ground.

Horses and especially ponies are hardy animals.


Make it part of your daily routine to check the horse over and be a wear of any obvious signs of change.

If you are unsure, it is always better to get a second opinion.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do when you visit the horse is to look over it and to notice any of the changes already mentioned.

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