Harness horse


The Hackney-horse is a harness horse and UK horse breed.

It is one of the world’s most elegant and impressive of horse, which is closely related to the Hackney-pony.

The hackney horse was developed from the Norfolk Trotter and Yorkshire Roadster, combined with Arab and Thoroughbred blood, to produce a graceful, stylish, high-stepping carriage horse.

The breed stands around 14 – 15.3hh (1.42 –1.60m), with the Hackney-pony up to 14hh (1.42m).

Coat colours are brown, bay, black and chestnut.

In motion, they are recognizable by their showiness and style, with distinctive high knee and hock action due to very good flexion of their joints.

They have a distinct moment of suspension, and reach out their front legs from their shoulders with each stride.

Their hind legs' flexibility allow those legs to rise up, bending the hock, and reach forward to carry the weight of the body during each stride.

This distinctively spectacular movement makes the horse seem to float effortlessly over the ground.

The head is slightly convexed in profile (Roman nosed) with small neat ears and large expressive eyes.

A long, graceful, crested neck carried high almost rising vertically out of the strong powerful shoulders.

The chest is deep and well-defined. A compact body with short back, level croup, and powerful hindquarters.The tail is naturally high set and adds to its glory.

The legs are strong with broad, clean joints, long forearms and gaskins, with strong hocks, and pasterns medium in length, and are attached to round, fairly upright hooves.

The Hackney of today is a show harness-horse and a delight for spectators to see, with its brilliant action and impressive appearance.

Harness horse

The Hackney Pony was developed in the late 19th century, when small Hackney Horses were bred to various pony breeds in order to create a very specific type of show pony.

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