Gypsy Cob

The Gypsy Vanner horse, also known as the coloured cob, Gypsy cob or Gypsy horses were originally bred to be a wagon horse.

These horses were bred by the Romany, and pulled wagons or "caravans" known as Vardos, which is a type of covered wagon that people lived in.

If you're ever lucky enough to see this, it's a lovely sight, and one that you won't forget.


Having such a calm temperament and laid back attitude, they were also used as riding horses for children.

Today, the breed is no longer used for pulling Vardos, but it is still looked upon as a symbol of power and strength among the Romany people.

The breed was finally recognised in 1996 in the United States when the registry began.

Friesian, Clydesdale and the shire produced the Vanner along with Dales pony crosses.

The colour is piebald (black and white) or skewbald (brown and white) with other colours recognised.

Gypsy cob

The average height ranges between 14 – 15.2hh (1.43 – 1.55m) and is a traditional Gypsy-horse used for draught work and pulling the Gypsy caravans.

There are three different registry classifications for the breed, based on height.

If the horse is under 14 hands, it is considered a "mini-Gypsy".

If the horse is 14-15.2 hands high, it is known as a "classic Gypsy", and if the breed is 15.2 or taller, it is known as a "grand-Gypsy".

Heavy-boned with large hooves, compact body with a flowing mane and tail, along with heavy feathering flowing down over the hooves.

With plenty of stamina, calm temperament and easy to do, the Gypsy Vanner was ideally suited to a travelling lifestyle and the perfect caravan horse.

Today, the Gypsy horse is still bred in the UK by a number of established breeders, most of who also exhibit and sell their horses at traditional fairs, the best known of which is Appleby Horse Fair.

If you havn't been there yet, it's a must!

The Vanner horse is used in many equestrian competitions, and has done well in combined driving, dressage and breed showing classes.

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