Green horse training

A green horse is the term used to describe a horse or pony that has very little done to it.

When working with children's ponies a lightweight experienced adult should train the pony first.

Ponies are very intelligent and quickly learn bad habits.

A classic, is the small child on her pony, who wants’ the pony to walk on, but the pony has other ideas and puts his head down to eat grass, puling the little rider forward on to his neck.

The crafty pony has quickly learnt to ignore his little jockey and instead, do what he wants to do.

The only way to end this habit is for the pony to be retrained by a lightweight adult.

Once the pony is going well you can introduce an experienced child on its back.

If the pony develops bad habits when ridden by the child, then revert back to the lightweight adult, for retraining.

As a safety precaution, it is advisable to lunge or free lunge a young horse for a few minutes before you get on its back.

Tack him up in the stable, using a snaffle bridle, a neck strap in case you need to hold on to something if you lose your balance.

Get a friend to give you a leg up into the saddle, swinging your leg slowly and gently over the saddle making sure you do not touch any part of the horse when you are doing this, landing softly into the saddle.

Get your assistant to put your feet into the stirrups to prevent them from accidentally nudging the horse's sides.

Green horse

All this information is extremely important.

It is the difference from al going well to what could be a serious accident, as horses can sometimes be unpredictable.

The first stage of teaching a horse, would be on the lunge line with a rider on board.

If you are faced with a problem then your assistant can help from the ground.

This has to be a positive experience for the horse, so it is not ideal for the novice rider to bring on a youngster.


If the horse starts bucking, and you fall off the horse he will learn from this experience and repeat this next time.

Lunge the horse first in an enclosed area without the rider for a few minutes.

To further this training and work off the lead line, scroll down and click on Training the young horse off the lunge.

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