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The Gelderlander is a popular light draft horse that doubles, as a riding horse, from the province of Gelder in the Netherlands, along with the Goringen, is the foundation line of the Dutch Warm blood.

In the 19th century, local people were keen to see an exceptional carriage horse that was capable of light draft duties and a riding horse.

Temperament was important, so quiet local Dutch horse mares were crossed with stallions from, UK, Russia, Hungary, Poland and Germany.

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A fixed type was produced by careful selection of the progeny and continued breeding.

Later the breed was updated with Hackney and East Friesian blood to produce the modern breed of today that is versatile.

A family-friendly horse that is a dominant force in the sport of combined driving, for which they are well-suited and popular.

However, many horses and especially their progeny - have competed in dressage and show jumping at international level.

An early top jumper was Gondelier, the 1972 Dutch Jumping Champion, who cleared 2.20 meters (about 7'3").

One of the greatest qualities of the breed is their longevity and soundness, and are known to continue competing into their twenties.

The typical height is up to 16.2hh with coat colours being brown, bay and chestnut.

The head is plain long and flat with a straight or convex profile and the neck is long, well-shaped and muscular with an arch.

Their withers are prominent and broad which is very appropriate for a harness horse.

Good long sloping shoulders and a deep, full chest. The back is relatively long but running smoothly into a level croup and short hindquarters.

The tail is usually set high. Legs are strong and muscular with long forearms and strong, broad joints.

Hooves are usually broad, strong and good.

Gelderlanders tend to have high-stepping action, particularly at the trot.

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