Frightened horse!

There's nothing worse than riding a frightened horse, but there are ways in which you can deal with the situation positively.

What is spooking?

It's when something startles him or is afraid.

It could be a barking dog that suddenly appears a loud noise, strange object, bright cones and the list goes on.

What should you do when a horse spooks?

A horse that is about to spook will usually give you a warning that he has spotted something further down the road.

The horse will raise its head up, prick up his ears and you will feel the tension and  the shortening stride.

When you are aware of what spooks your horse, you are able to anticipate its behaviour.

A scared horse will try to run away or jump to the side putting you in a dangerous position in the road.

Stay relaxed and calm, keeping your reins at the correct length.

Becoming tense and shortening up the reins will make matters worse as the horse will react to the tension in your body and hands.

Do not lose your temper if the horse is afraid.

Encourage and reassure the horse using your voice.

Be prepared to stand a little, while the horse has a good look or smell of the object before you confidently ask him to move forward.

If you have exhausted all avenues of getting past the object, get off your horse and lead it past.

It’s common for horses who haven’t seen anything other than a field, to be wary of anything new they encounter.

If you are leading the horse and he is afraid of something you want him to walk past, put yourself between the horse and the object so that way you will be giving him reassurance or confidence to pass it.

Always praise the horse with a gentle stroke on the neck. It’s reassurance that he’s done well.

Frightened horse

If you allow the horse to turn the other way and head back home, he will most certainly do this every time he panics.

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