Foal-slip training

The more you handle the foal, the easier it will be to introduce it to the foal-slip.

If you have been following my process of foal training, you will know by now how to catch the foal.

He should also be used to you handling him so the next step would be to introduce him to the foal slip (head collar).

If the foal has not been handled or caught yet, then you need to take a step back and click on the pages below.

It would be expecting too much to try to catch him, handle him and put a head collar on him in just one day.

Introducing the foal-slip 

Once you have caught him, give him some attention by gently stoking him. Don’t rush him, take everything slowly.

Let the foal get used to it first, by showing him the foal slip. Allow him to sniff it, if he wants to.

A head collar with an adjustable noseband is the easiest to use especially if he is nervous.

Place it around his neck with the lead rope attached, then move it up slowly towards the top of his ears and do it up.

Finally fasten the noseband.

Consistency and repetition are the key skills for success.

Horses thrive on routine so repeat this exercise a couple of times a day until it accepts this as part of a daily routine.

Foal safety precautions

Do not pull on its head when putting on the head collar.

Remember, it's easily frightened.

Never turn the foal out with a head collar on, as it's far to dangerous.

A foal is curious and can easily get caught up on fences and posts by rubbing and scratching.

By the end of the infants first year, it should be -

Well handled

halter trained

Stand tied up

Halter trained


Some youngsters are handled within twelve hours of birth and must be treated quietly but also firmly.

Baby horse scratching his head

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