Fell pony


The Fell pony breed is over 2,000 years old and closely related to the Dales pony. 

They originated in Cumbria, England and were a working breed of Mountain and Moorland pony.

Fell ponies have plenty of stamina, hardiness and intelligence that enables them to live and thrive in tough conditions. 

Originally, they were used as a packhorse, carrying lead, slate, copper and iron ore.

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The average load was 224lbs / 95kg and the ponies, with their sturdy bodies, strong legs and equable disposition, being good, fast walkers, would walk on average 240 miles a week over very rough land.

They were used for light agriculture and the transportation of lighter goods, such as wool.

The breed ranges in height from 13hh – 14hh, and even though they are small they are strong enough to carry 100kg packs, so can be ridden by children and adults. 

Their coat colouring is black, brown, bay or grey.

Chestnuts, piebald’s and skewbald’s are not allowed. With very few white markings being acceptable.

A star on the head and/or a white on or below the hind fetlock is acceptable.

However, excess white markings are discouraged.

The Fell-pony has free-flowing gaits, and is generally sure-footed even in rough terrain.

However, many Fell Ponies were famed throughout the North as fast trotters.

There are many tales of distances covered at great speeds by these ponies.

They are used in harness and under saddle.

The mane and tail are left long and luxurious, and heels are feathered. 

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