Equine breeds

Equine breeds include the Draft or Draught horse, that is also known as the “cold blood”, which is a term applied to those horses that are blessed with a slower pace and calm temperament.

Draft horses are work horses bred for heavy tasks such as ploughing the land and other farm labour.

There are a number of different breeds that all share the common traits of strength, patients and placid temperament.

The Russian heavy Draft is also known as the Russian Ardennes and is one of the smallest of the heavy draft breeds.

Originally, the breed was known as the Russian Ardennes but was renamed the Russian Heavy Draft in the 1950s.

This Draft breed was developed in the Soviet Union, that was officially registered in 1952.

The breed developed by crossing the Ardennes horses that were imported from Belgium with the Orlov Trotter.

The typical height averages around 15 hands high, with traditional coat colour of chestnut, bay and roan. Occasionally a spotted coat pattern can be found.

These horses reach physical maturity at an earlier date than most horses.

The breed is very attractive to look at, with a small elegant head of straight profile.

The neck is short with a thick mane, strong and high crested along with sloping powerful shoulders.

The chest is deep and broad, along with a long broad back, strong hindquarters and thick tail.

The legs have plenty of bone, being short and sturdy.


It is a strong horse, a powerful pulling machine with conformation that enables it to be light on its feet.

The breed is active and free moving and very much in demand for pulling logs and other farm work in Western Russia.

The Heavy Draft is also used for transportation and milk production.

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