East Friesian

The old East Friesian warmblood horse was developed in East Germany.

It boasts a broad diversity of ancestors, West German Oldenburg that was the main breed to be used in its development.

The East German horse looks like the Oldenburg but has a more refined head and slightly smaller due to Arab blood.

They are bred with a pure breeding scheme, using Ostfriesen/Alt-Oldenburg, Groningen, Saxony Thuringian Heavy  warm bloods, and Silesian Heavy Warm bloods.

The goal is a versatile, correct and balanced horse with a calm temperament.

The head is neat, with large, expressive friendly eyes.

The neck is strong and muscular, medium length, well formed and set high on a long, sloping, strong shoulders with defined low withers.

With a well-proportioned body, strong powerful quarters, slightly sloping well muscled croup, large clean joints, short cannons, short and strong legs. The shoulders are sloping and well proportioned.

The breed stands around 15.2  –  16.2hh with the body colour found in any solid colour.

Chestnut, grey, bay or black are the colours most often seen.

Warm bloods are popular horses due to being very adaptable and trainable with kind temperaments and frequently used as a competition horse such as, show jumping, dressage and eventing as they perform well.

The carry out day today police work and therapeutic riding.

They are also used in forests for ecological reasons, and some times for light farm work and general riding.

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