Driving horse from the ground

Driving horse in long reins

When you are confident enough and the horse is responding well, you can drive the horse in long reins around the field.

Don’t forget to start in an enclosed area, then progress to an open space.

When the time is right, you can progress to roadwork, using a saddle and bridle without the reins, or you may choose to put a bridle on and a roller, attaching the reins to the bit and through the D rings on the roller.

Thread the long reins through the stirrups.

It will be easier to work this way as the horse will be moving in straight lines and will have plenty of room to turn.

Safety when long reining

You need a good understanding of long reining, before you begin, as keeping yourself safe is extremely important.

The last thing you want is to put yourself in danger, due to a lack of knowledge.

In you are in the wrong place, at the wrong time, something will happen.

Walk fairly close to the horse but not directly behind it.

Driving horse on the road

You will have far more control of the horse if it tries to run off, as you will be able to turn it onto a circle using the one rein.

If the situation got worse, you should drop the back rein and take hold of the other rein with your two hands.

If you stand directly behind the horse and it takes off, you will be dragged along and this could result in a serious accident for you or the horse.

Always remember to work equally on both sides, so if you were walking a little way out to the left you would change your position to the right at intervals.

If you intent to long rein on the roads, it is sensible to make sure the horse has seen vehicles first.

You do want to be in a situation, where the horse starts panicking if a vehicle approaches, from behind or in front of you.

The road you choose needs to be quiet, and if it is a bus route, make sure the horse is comfortable with large vehicles.

It is not just traffic, you have to worry about. There are all kinds of things, which can set the horse off, such as a horn-blasting, dog barking, noisy motorbike, umbrellas and on windy days, plastic bags.

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