Dutch draught horses

Dutch Draught horses are massively built, believed to be one of the largest horse breeds of today.

Also known as the Dutch heavy draft horse, or Nederland Trekpaard, is a draft horse from the Netherlands.

The breed was developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Holland for heavy draft and farm work and is the heaviest of all Dutch breeds.

Ardennes horses were brought over from neighbouring Belgium and crossed with the local native horses, which were to be the foundation stock that produced a very, powerful big horse.

They were developed by crossbreeding the Brabant, Zeeland-type Dutch mares and the Belgian Ardennes.

The breed stands up to 16.3hh (170cm) and typical colours being chestnut, bay, black or roan.

This breed is very quick to mature and is known to be long- lived with active lives.

The Dutch Draft is the heaviest of the Dutch horse breeds. Despite their size, they are very active and economical to keep. Generally an intelligent breed of a quiet nature that tend to have a long working life, with good free and active paces, strong limbs and compact body and legs caring a lot of feather.

The head is well-formed and straight in profile with pronounced jaw,resting on a short, solid, powerful neck with broad, low withers.

The chest is deep with long muscular sloping shoulders

The back is short and the croup strong and sloping.

The legs are strong and muscular, with broad joints.

Draught horses have immense strength.

Traditionally, the Dutch Draft was used for agricultural purposes throughout Holland, especially to plough heavy clay soils, which tired many other breeds out.

Before mechanisation, they were popular agricultural horses throughout Gelderland, North Brabant and Limburg due to their great strength and willing temperament.

Today the breed is mostly seen in the show ring, pulling a variety of carts.It's always a lovely sight to see these beautiful horses in action!

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