Dole Gudbrandsal

The Dole Gudbrandsal is native to the Gudbrandsal valley in Norway.

An ancient breed believed to have evolved from Friesian, Dutch draft, Dale ponies and Fell ponies as resemblance can be seen.

There are two types of the breed.

Thoroughbred influence produced a lighter coldblood type,which is a smaller, faster horse used for harness racing, and the heavier type is a small draft horse with plenty of pulling power and agility.

The first studbook was created in 1941, and the current breed association formed in 1947.

Dole horse photography

The mane and tail are full and silky with the heavier type displaying full feathering.

The height ranges from 14.1hh – 15.2hh with a coat colour of mainly black, bay or brown.

Coat colours occuring less frequently are grey, palomino, chestnut and dun

The breed is used mainly for heavy draft and agricultural work, as well as timber hauling, while the lighter version is used mainly for harness racing.

These horses were an influential breed in the formation of the North Swedish Horse, and the two breeds are very similar in conformation.

The breed has also been crossed with Swedish Warmbloods to produce riding-type horses, and crossed with other breeds to develop horses for harness racing and riding.

Although this breed is one of the smallest draft breeds, it shows great pulling power, and is also hardy and agile.

The heavy draft is very pony like with a straight profile, set on rather short; well set muscular neck.

Strong muscular slightly sloping shoulders. The withers are broad and slightly pronounced, with the chest being wide and deep.

The body is strong, girth is deep, and back is long and the croup broad. The hindquarters are well rounded and muscular.

The legs are short but sturdy and well-muscled, with broad, strong and muscular joints and tough hooves.

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