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Different horse breeds include the Budyonny. Alternative names are Budjonny, Budonny, Budennovsky, or Budenny which was developed in the early 20th century in the Soviet Union.

The Budenny is named after Marshall Budyonny (or Budenny) a commander in the Russian Civil War.

Country of origin is Southern Russia.

He wanted to breed the perfect cavalry horse, so set up a project with three studs in the Rostov region.

The programme began by crossing Don, Chernomor and Kazakh mares with Thoroughbred stallions.

This complex cross breeding, allowed the best of the offspring to be interbreed to produce strong foundation stock.

All the stock was performance tested to judge each horse’s ability, with speed, endurance and character.

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Only those that meet the strict criteria were allowed to breed, which resulted in the Budenny of today that is known for its energy, stamina and nature.

In 1914, the horse breed was officially recognised.

The average height is 16hh (1.60m) and all solid colours being acceptable with around eighty per cent being chestnut in colour.

Today the breed is used as an all-round competition horse, competing in dressage, three-day eventing, steeplechasing, long distance riding ,show horse, endurance, light carriage horse and a general riding horse.

They have a well-proportioned handsome head carriage with a straight profile, a long straight neck, high withers, sloping shoulders, a wide, deep chest, a long, straight back, and a slightly sloping croup.

Their legs are long and strong with good joints and well-formed hooves.

The modern horse has a strong build, good bone, and is quite similar to the Thoroughbred.

The breed is intelligent with a good temperament which makes it easy to break. An intelligent horse is much easier to teach, as he will grasp and remember what is expected of him.

It is fast, agile and very energetic, which is why they are such a versatile breed.

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