Dales ponies

Dales ponies are native to Britain in North Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland, England. 

The breed is about 2,000 years old with Clydesdale and Welsh Cob bloodlines. 

Photo of pony

In the 18th century they  were used  underground, in the lead mines and above the mines as pack ponies, caring lead across rugged terrain to the seaports.

Later they were used in the collieries underground as pit ponies. 

The ponies stand around 14.2hh (1.48m) and colours are dark brown, black and sometimes grey. 

With a straight neat pony like head, broad between the eyes, fine muzzle, resting on a thick arched neck of good length with strong sloping shoulders.

They have a very strong, fairly short back and loins, broad and well-muscled quarters.

Legs are hard and muscular, dense bone, clearly defined tendons, and large round hooves with open heels.

The mane and tail are tick and leg feathers are straight and silky.

The over- all impression should be of an alert, courageous but calm and kind animal.

They should move with a great deal of energy and power, lifting the hooves well clear of the ground.

These ponies have immense strength and are able to carry an average weight of 100kg.

Dales horse

The breed is now used for general riding, harness work, farm work and showing. They compete in show jumping, cross-country, dressage, driving, and eventing.

Their calm, kind temperament, combined with their ability to carry heavy weights for long distances, has made them an ideal pony for endurance riding and trekking holidays, as they can carry novice or experienced riders, adults or children alike, over all kinds of terrain and for long distances.

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