Cute foal

Halter training the foal.

The cute foal should be well handled, foal-slip trained and should stand tied up before you train a foal to lead.

You will need to put the head collar on the foal and attach a lunge line to it.

A lunge line is a very long lead rope, which has many uses.

You will need someone to lead the mare out of the stable and the foal will follow with you holding the lunge line on a light contact, and long rein standing some distance behind him, so he remains calm.

Don’t rush the foal or you will just confuse it, take your time repeating exercises.

The next step is to try to get the foal to stand still and ask the mare to walk on a few feet.

When the mare is standing, still ask the foal to move forward towards her.

A Cute foal in training.

Following on from the above halter training is to teach the foal to lead away from the mare.

It is easier to get someone to help you, as one needs to lead and the other encouraging it forward by putting their hands on its hindquarters.

You can encourage the horse forwards by using a long stick or schooling whip, held behind your back.

Remember to use your voice commands first “walk on!” followed by a gentle touch with the stick.

My foal will not move forwards!

If the foal braces itself and you are on your own, stand to its near side holding the lead rope closely to the head collar.

Then take hold of the end of the rope in your right hand and pass it over to the other side, by the foal’s withers allowing the rope to fall down around its hocks.

Slowly take up the slack with your right hand, encouraging him to move forward with your left hand.

If the foal is not responding, apply gentle pressure to the lunge line around its hocks.

If gentle pressure has no effect you may need to be quite firm.

Safety precautions

Train in a quiet area where there are no distractions. If the mare is upset and stressed, the foal will react to this situation.

Foals are extremely unpredictable so always remain on guard.

Never pull, tug or drag the foal, it will end up leaping in the air or running backwards.

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