Irish ponies – Connemara

The Connemara pony is an Irish pony that takes its name from the county of Western Ireland, where its ancestors have lived since the 16th century.

Native ponies were crossed with Spanish, Arab, Barb, Thoroughbreds and Welsh cob bloods, to produce the modern pony of today.

The results produced a pony that is strong, fast, sturdy and courageous, best known today as a sports pony.

It is a very versatile pony breed with natural jumping ability.Having had first hand experience of  Connemaras, I would personally recommend them as a jumping pony.

They are successful show jumpers with a well built back end, good at dressage and eventing but also have plenty of stamina for endurance riding.

They are also shown in harness, and can be ridden by adults and children alike.

The breed ranges between 13 – 14.2hh (1.33 – 1.48m). Typical coat colours are brown, bay, dun, grey, chestnut, or palomino with some roans, and occasionally black.

Pinto patterns, called piebald and skewbald by the Conemara registry, are not acceptable for registration.

The Connemara head, is small with usually, a slightly dished profile, eyes set wide apart and  small ears. A deep but refined jaw and clearly defined cheekbone. The neck is well arched and graceful, with sloping long shoulders.

They are strong and sturdy with a compact body, short strong back, deep girth and sloped, muscular croup with powerful and strong hindquarters.

The legs are short, relatively short from the knees and hocks to the ground, strong cannons, muscular upper leg, and hard feet of a medium size and a good stride length.

The Breeder Society was established in 1923, and the Studbook was set up in 1926.

Today, Conemaras are bred worldwide in Ireland and Britain, as well as on the European continent, North America, Australasia and South Africa.

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