Conformation of horse and pony

Conformation of horse! – What does this mean?

Horse and pony conformation is the overall shape of the horse, the way it is put together.

So these factors will determine the soundness and ability of the animal throughout his life, and to which discipline he will be best suited for, not forgetting a comfortable ride.

General good conformation rules

Conformation varies according to the type and breed of the horse, but one rule remains the same.

The horse should be built in proportion, for example, the head should look the right size for the body.

A small neat head, large clear bright eyes, sloping shoulders and pasterns, short back, powerful hindquarters, good bone circumference below the knee, are all considered good qualities when viewing a horse.

This splendid horse is a good example of equine conformation at its best for the show ring.

It’s hard to find a horse with perfect conformation, as many have good and bad points. Despite this, many horses excel even with conformation faults.

How to asses conformation

Horse and pony conformation should be assessed from the ground and when riding the horse. If the horse is unbroken, you can only assess from the ground.

If you are viewing a horse in poor condition you will need a “good eye” to assess the animal.

For instance, the conformation needed for horse racing,reining,dressage or horsejumping would all differ slightly from each other.

Skill is required to decide if the horse has the right shape and make for the work you intend it to do.

At the opposite end of the scale, an obese horse can make it difficult to visualise what it should look like at the correct weight.

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