Colorado horse

The Colorado horse of America, Colorado Ranger or otherwise known as the Rangerbred, was developed in the state of Colorado, USA.

In 1878, General Ulysses Grant visited the Sultan Abdul Hamid of Turkey, and was given a gift of two beautiful horses.

An elegant grey, purebred Siglavy-Gidran Arab called Leopard, and a pure blue-grey Barb named Linden Tree.

The horses were taken to Virginia to the Randolph Huntingdon stud.

They were to be used as foundation sires for a breed of light harness horses.

In time, the two stallions moved to Nebraska where they sired plenty of spotted and coloured foals.

"Horses Appaloosa"

The offspring was eye-catching, being of good quality and attractive colour.

A C Whipple of Kit Carson county, Colorado bought mares from the Colby ranch that were sired by Leopard or Linden Tree and also purchased a stallion with black-ears named Tony, who was “double bred” to Leopard.

Leopard consequently became the line-breeding program along with his sons.

In the early 20th century, Mike Ruby of the Lazy Bar ranch bought a stallion called Patches who was one of Tony’s sons; and another stallion named Max who was the son of Waldron Leopard.

These stallions were to be the foundation sires of the modern Colorado Ranger horse.

The breed was officially named in 1934 with Mike Ruby as president of the association until his death in 1942.

The average height is around 15.2hh (1.55m) and the colours vary with all appaloosa colours and patterns but some may be of a solid colour.

The head is small and straight in profile resting on a strong, muscular neck and sloping shoulders.

The back is short and in proportion to the powerful hindquarters and sloping croup. A long deep chest and powerful limbs. The feet are had and well-formed.

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