Cleaning sheath

Cleaning sheath – Who wants to do that!

Yes, unfortunately it’s a job that must be done, but not for the faint hearted.

How do I know if the sheath needs to be cleaned?

If you own a stallion or gelding, from time to time you need to inspect the horse’s sheath (the pocket of skin that protects the horse’s penis).

Sometimes there is a strong smell from the area or on inspection nodules of greasy dirt collecting in and around the sheath. It is recommended to clean the sheath at least once or twice a year.

I remember attending a local show and a friend of mine was entering in the veteran class.

She was immaculately turned out and so was the horse until he decided to drop his penis.

It badly needed cleaning and my friend was horrified when i pointed this out.

I found the whole eppisode very amusing, my friend however, didn’t see the funny side of it!

How do I clean a horse’s sheath?

Some horses accept the sheath being washed, while others will protest by trying to kick out at you. In this situation you will need someone to hold the horse or to lift up a front leg.

Some horses may require light sedation or in some cases full sedation, though light sedation may help the horse "drop" for easier cleaning.

The process requires either that the horse "drop" its penis or that the groom reach up inside of the sheath to pull the penis gently from the sheath by the glans (head) in order to apply cleaner and carefully clean the entire region.

What equipment do I need?

You will need rubber gloves, a sponge and a bucket of very mild soapy water.

After cleaning the horse sheath, you will need a towel to dry it and apply a lubricant such as baby oil to soften the skin.

Additional information

Horses have many sensitive areas where they are ticklish, with one of the common places being the sheath.

If you have a young horse, get him used to you handling this area before you attempt to wash it.

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