Caspian pony

Caspian horses are an ancient breed.

It's called a horse, as it looks more horse like than a pony.

Its native habitat is near the Southern coast of the Caspeian Sea, which is now known as Iran.

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The breed was once thought to be extinct but was rediscovered in the 20th century by Mrs Firouz an American traveller.

Today these ponies can also be found in studs across Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

The breed stands around 11 – 12hh (102 – 122cm), and its colour is chestnut, bay, grey and brown.

They have a short, fine head with a pronounced forehead, large almond shaped eyes and short ears set wide apart and pricked at the tips.

The muzzle is small but firm and the nostrils large and low on the head, finely chiselled. The neck is long and supple; chest is in proportion to width of body. 

Overall, the body is slim and graceful with deep girth, sloping shoulders, good withers and a high-set tail. The hindquarters are long and sloping from hip to point of buttocks. 

The tail is set high and is fine and silky.

The legs are fine and slender but strong with no feather. Hocks are more angled than most others in the lowlands. Good slope to pasterns, neither upright nor over sloping. Feet are oval and neat shaped, small but strong and tough with very little frog and very rarely shod.

The horses are mainly used in the towns of Amol, Babol, Shahi and Rasht in Northern Iran, as cart ponies or under saddle.

They are valued for their speed and ability to pull or carry heavy loads in the narrow streets.

The Caspian pony make excellent children's mounts.

Their long, level paces, natural grace and balance make them very suitable for dressage.

They can be equally impressive in mounted games, gymkhana and pony racing.

In harness they make a smart, responsive light driving pony and have successfully competed in national scurry and cross-country obstacle driving.

Their natural jumping ability makes them highly competitive for show jumping and eventing.

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