Buckskin horses

Buckskin horses are a “hair coat colour” which can be found in a number of different breed types.

Supporters classified it as a colour breed, as the results of a “dilution gene” and its durability and strength as it possess much stronger genetic make-up than many other breeds.

They should not be confused with dun-coloured horses, which have the dun dilution gene, not the cream gene.

Duns always have primitive markings (shoulder blade stripes, dorsal stripe, zebra stripes on legs, webbing).

However, it is possible for a horse to carry both dilution genes; these are called "buckskin duns" or sometimes "dunskins."

Also, bay horses without any dun gene may have a faint dorsal stripe, which sometimes is darkened in a buckskin without a dun gene being present.

Additional primitive striping beyond just a dorsal stripe is a sure sign of the dun gene.

They vairy in height and the colour is tan or gold coloured with black points (mane, tail and lower legs).

The guard hairs grow through the body coat, up and over the base of the mane and tail.

Societies such as the American-Buckskin Registry Association and the International Buckskinhorse Association were set up to preserve particular strains and promote these horses.

Since 1963, the American Buckskin Registry Association has been keeping track of horses with this coat color, and although Buckskin is sometimes classified as a colour breed, due to its genetic makeup that depends on having one, not two copies of the dilution allele, it cannot ever be a consistently true-breeding trait.

Eligibility is based on colour: horses must be either buckskin, dun, grulla, red dun or brindle dun.

A buckskin-horse can occur in any number of different breeds, though at least one parent must be from a breed that carries the dilution gene, and not all breeds do.

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