Buckin horse

How can I tell if my horse is going to buck?

It’s a night mare when you are riding a horse that likes to throw in a buck now and then, especially if he catches you off balance.

A horse will usually give you some warning of what is about to happen, you just need to read the signs. He will lower his head and round his back.

My horse bucked - How do I sit to him?

When a horse bucks you need to be sitting back in the saddle with your shoulders slightly back. Sit deep into the saddle, pushing your heels down.

By adopting this position, it will assist you to stay balanced. If the horse catches you unaware give him a smack on the neck with a stick or a whip and try to unbalance him with one rein, so he turns his neck to the side to prevent the disobedience.

Riding with a knot in your reins or bridging will give you a more secure seat.

Bridging is when you hold the reins, then take the excess of the right rein and put it through your left hand.

You will now be able to lean on the loop that passes over the horse’s neck.

What can I do to prevent my horse from buckin?

If you  can anticipate this, encourage the horse to move forward by using leg and voice aids.
If the horse is unable to put his head down he cannot bronc, even though he might feel ‘humpy’ to ride.

Many horses buck with excitement and many. Show jumping horses do this when competing.

Thinking back, I remember a pony from my younger days.

We all used to go our local indoor riding school, where show jumping competitions were held most weekends.

This pony would always give a big buck after the last fence on landing.

He never failed to do this and I remember as a child thinking, he knows where the last fence is. 

The pony was in tune with the rider and when he relaxed, the pony knew it was over.

I have occasionally seen ponies and horses that constantly buck in show jumping competitions.

It’s extremely difficult for the rider to keep a good rhythm. With a pony like this, you just have to adapt if you want success.

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