Bucked off!

Nobody likes to be “bucked off ".

It’s a nightmare when riding a horse that likes to kick out his back legs, especially when it catches you off guard, and you end up on the floor.

Read this list to try to solve the problem.


A horse that behaves this way under saddle, whilst having a canter is a form of expression that he is enjoying himself.

Horses have different personalities and this is one way of a horse expressing himself.


Some get excited within the company of other horses and will mess around at the beginning of a ride then settle.


Working horses that are fit and stabled might feel like a coiled spring once on the move.

Lunging before you get on the horse will help take the edge off him.

Management is extremely important with horses in training or you could end up having a serious accident on a fresh horse.


If you still think something is wrong, you need to look deeper, and ask yourself -

Is something causing him to behave like this?

It could be the saddle not fitting correctly.

A qualified saddle fitter can check this over for you, if you’re not sure.

A badly fitting saddle can cause pain and discomfort.

Regularly check your horse's back for any rubbed hair or sore patches.

A saddle may need re fitting if he changes shape due to weight loss, weight gain or changes in his fitness level.

Horses are very sensitive animals. They can feel a horse fly when it lands on them, us humans cannot.


Make sure the girth is not pinching the skin.

The hair should be lying flat behind the girth.

To iron out the creases, lift up a front leg and pull it forward, following with the other leg or lead the horse round in a tight circle in both directions to smooth out the creases.

This will also give the saddle time to warm up before you mount the horse.

Irritation of any kind like an insect bite which is usually on the hind quarters can trigger a reaction from the horse.


Again if the horse is in pain this could be his way of reacting.

Horses may also behave this way the first few times they have a saddle on their back, if they don’t have proper ground training.

This can be an instinctive defence mechanism.

Some horses are just intelligent, having found that they are able to unseat a rider results in not having to work.

They will do this every time you ride to avoid exercise.

Sometimes this behaviour is down to poor riding on the part of the rider.

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