The Breton is a popular breed to France in an area known as Brittany.

There were once three distinctive types, but today however only two types are recognised: the draft and the Postier.

Theses heavy draft horses are very large, which is the result of having Boulonnais, Ardennes and Percheron ancestors.

These crosses produced a stronger, heavier horse.

The Postier being similar in size and more compact with cleaner limbs is the result of Boulonnais and Percheron crosses.

The Postier is said to be a lighter version of the Suffolk Punch with an energetic action.

The breed has a large square head but well-proportioned of medium volume with a straight profile and a strong, short , thick crested neck well-set into muscular withers.

The body and quarters are strong and well muscled along with the limbs.

The legs are short and feathered, but powerful, with broad joints and well-formed hooves.

The shoulder is broad, long and sloping, the chest broad and muscular, the back is short and wide, and the croup sloping.

The height varies from 15hh to 16.3hh and typical colours are roans, chestnut, bay and grey.

The breed is used as a working animal and for breeding.

Smaller types can be used under saddle and for fast, light draft work, while larger types are ideal for heavy draft and agricultural work.

The breed is still seen today in France working on farms and vineyards.

A docile and placid breed definitely bred for hard work, such as pulling heavy loads.

If you're looking for a work horse, then this horse would be the answer.

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