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The Iomud breed of horse also known as the Yomud, Iomudskaya or Yamud originates from ancient Turkmenian horses, in the Turkomen Steppes of Turkmenistan.

The Iomud breed originates from ancient Turkmenian horses.

The Iomud is an ancient breed, closely related to the Akhal-Teke, and descendant from the old Turkmenian horses.

The Iomud was developed in southern Turkmenistan by the Iomud tribe in the Tashauz oasis.

During the 14th century, Arabian stallions were used to influence the breed.

Over the centuries, the breed has also been influenced by infusions of Kazakh, Mongolian, Turkmene, and more recently Akhal-Teke blood.

It is similar in appearance to the Akhal teke but boasts more Arab blood making it smaller in size.

Stud farms were established in Turkmenistan in 1983, in order to preserve the breed and given the responsibility of increasing the brood mares, rising from 140 to 250 breeding mares.

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A conservation farm was also established in the Kyzyl-Atrek district of Turkmenistan.

The Iomud is a hardy breed, strongly influenced by the desert and semi-desert conditions of its natural environment and harsh climate, making forage scarce.

Its head is fine and wide with a straight or slightly convex profile, eyes set well with small alert ears. The neck is thick and well formed.

The shoulders are sloping, the chest deep and the withers prominent. The back is long and straight, usually with a slight depression towards the withers, with croup sloping.

The limbs are fine with clean joints, clearly defined tendons, and strong, well-formed hooves. The mane and tail is sparse.   

The average height is around 15hh with typical coat colours being chestnut, bay,  grey or black.

Turkoman tribes used the Yomud as warhorses, but today they are used for riding, endurance and light draft work.

It is known for its endurance and ability to withstand desert conditions.

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