Boltin horse - hold on tight!

Bolting horse – How to take control

There is nothing more terrifying, than riding a horse that takes off with you on the road or a field.

You have lost control and your heard starts to pound and you need to think quickly, to gain control of the situation.


So if you are in an open field and the horse takes off,
steer him onto a large circle, gradually making the circle smaller and smaller.

Don't forget to use your voice, "WOW", it will help in some situations and is always worth trying especially if the horse has been frightened.

If there is a steep hill, head for it.

Keep galloping until you feel the horse begin to tire and slow down a bit.

When you feel him slowing down, put your legs on him making him go further than he would have chosen to go, if left to his own devices.

If there is no room to turn, keep your balance by grabbing hold of the mane or neck to strap with one hand, whilst firmly holding the rein in the other.

Use the sane technique, if the horse takes off on the road.

If there is a road with a steep hill, kick him on, and let him gallop, to wear him out.

You will find that most horses will tire very quickly.

When a horse takes off, the novice rider will automatically pull hard on the reins and keep pulling.

A dead pull on the rein will have no effect on a runaway horse that is running away.

Take contact with the reins then release a little between pulls, ‘Give and take’ as there needs to be a little bit of movement of the bit.

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