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My horse has a biting issue!

If the horse is uncomfortable in the mouth, he will usually develop a bit problem, by trying to evade the bit.

Bit horse evasions

When a horse finds a way to evade the bit, it can lead to habit forming and the horse will work in a certain way such as –

The rider will have no control over the horse. He will continue to gain speed and feel stronger with every stride he takes.

The horse sucks his tongue back when you ask him to work, making it difficult to anything with him.

Tongue hanging out to the side when ridden.

The horse will put his tongue over the bit when you take up contact. Steering will become difficult.

The horse will toss his head around or lift his head up high when you ask for contact.

The horse will open his mouth or cross his jaw to evade the commands.

The horse will use his tongue to lean and push down on the bit. He will feel heavy in your hands.

The horse will grab hold of the bit with his teeth.

You need to get to the cause of the problem first.

Many people simply revert to strapping the mouth shut, to solve the problem and this just increases the level of discomfort in the horse’s mouth.

There for the problem has not gone away, it is just hidden!

Have you checked the horse’s teeth?

All horses should have an annual check-up by a fully qualified equine dentist or Vet.

Not all horses are fortunate enough to get their teeth looked at.

When you buy a new horse, the teeth should always be checked to rule out any problems.

Mouth assessment

In order to have bit control, you need to know what pressure points the bit is working on.

When the bit is in the mouth take a look inside the mouth to see where the bit lies then take hold of the reins as if you were riding and look again to see where the bit lies in the horse’s mouth and what pressure points it is working on.

The tongue is a sensitive area with the outer edges of the tongue  more sensitive than the centre of the tongue.

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