Back horses bareback first

How do I know if my horse is ready to be backed?

You should back horses only when they are physically strong enough and developed. Not all horses are the same; they develop mentally and physically at different rates.

Some horses begin their training at three year old, while others are not mature enough to take the weight of a rider.

You need to be sensible, otherwise you will end up with a horse that could have a serious back problem, and that would mean a horse that could not be ridden.

His career would be over, before it began.

If the horse is mature, he will have no problem carrying the weight of the rider.

How do I know if my horse is immature for its age?

If you try to mount a horse that is immature and not physically strong and developed, he will stand with a dipped back when you get on him.

You will also notice that the back end will be higher than the front end.

Give the horse time to mature.

Okay, so you know if your horse is mature enough to be backed; so the next step is to start bareback first, in an enclosed space such as a stable or pen.

Make sure the horse is relaxed and ready for the next step. If you have followed all the young horse training steps correctly, then horse backing, bareback will not be a problem.

As I have always said, the more time you spend with your equine, the more it will trust you and the fewer problems you will be faced with.

Everything will just fall into place, like a natural process as long as you work at the horse’s pace.

You need a lightweight person to lie across its back first, so your legs are one side and your head and arms are the other side.

If this is successful then the next step is to sit on the horse.

Don’t rush the horse, be patient, remember that horses are individuals, and learn at different rates.Do everything quietly.

This is a good way for the horse to get used to having a rider on its back before the saddle and girth.

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