Australian stock horse

The Waler or Australian stock horse comes from New South Wales.

Horses were imported to the area and the breed was a mixture of Thoroughbreds, Barbs, Arabs and Basiato ponies, to work on the cattle and sheep ranches all day.

The stockorse has been especially bred for Australian conditions. It is a hardy breed of horse noted for endurance, agility and a good temperament.

Walers were once used as Calvary horses in the First World War.

At the end of the war, the Australian-government made an order to destroy all the horses, thus allowing none to return home.

The remaining breed were improved by introducing Percherons, Anglo-Arab and Quarter horses along with some pony blood.

This produced the modern horse of today.

The height varies from 14.2hh to 16hh (147cm – 163cm) and any colour is acceptable.

The breed is well proportioned in all respects according to its size.

Traits include a finely cut, expressive head with large eye and a broad forehead.

The neck is long, arched, with head well set.

The withers should be well defined.

Overall conformation is well-muscled but not bulky, with correct conformation that includes a deep chest, well-sprung ribs, strong and broad back, and powerful hindquarters.

The hooves are hard and well-conformed.

The breed is renowned for being strong and powerful with great powers of endurance, which enables it to be ridden and worked all day.

The Stock Horse are seen in many competitive disciplines, including polo, polo Crosse, dressage, camp drafting, show jumping, eventing and endurance riding.

They are used for stockman challenges, Pony Club activities, general hacking, and stock work on cattle stations.

While horses are now, often being replaced in the flatter outback  by motorcycles and helicopters, they are still necessary today for mustering (roundups) in rugged mountain terrain.

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