Appaloosa horses

The Appaloosa originated from America.

They can be either heavy or fine type and the average height   is around 14.2 – 15.2hh (147cm – 157cm).

A quality horse highly prized, and its colour has always been popular.

The horse is agile and athletic and has many uses – general riding, hunting, endurance, trail riding, showing and jumping and used extensively for both western and English riding.


They can be seen in Western competitions include cutting, reining, roping and O-Mok-See sports such as barrel racing (known as the Camas Prairie Stump Race in Apaloosa only competition) and pole bending (called the Nez Percé Stake Race at breed shows).

Appaloosas are also bred for horse racing, with an active breed racing association promoting the sport.

They are often used in Western movies and television series.

The coat colour is a combination of a base colour with an overlaid spotting pattern.

The base colours recognized by the Apaloosa-Horse Club include bay, black, chestnut, palomino, buckskin, cremello or perlino, roan, grey, dun and grulla.

Apaloosa markings have several pattern variations.

Basic patterns

Spots - General term that refers to a horse that has white or dark spots over all or a portion of its body.


An eye catching horse

A white horse body with dark spots that flow out over the entire body.

Considered an extension of a blanket to cover the whole body.

Blanket with spots

Quality highly prized animal.

A white blanket, which has dark spots within the white.

The spots are usually the same colour as the horse's base colour.


A fewspot leopard that is completely white with only mottled skin showing



Dark background colour with white spots or frost on loins and hips.

The skin on lips, nose and genitals is mottled.

The Apaloosa has influenced many other horse breeds, including the Pony of the Americas, the Nez Perce Horse, and several gaited horse breeds.


A horse with white spots, flecks, on a dark body background.

Typically, the white spots increase in number and size as the horse ages.

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