Andalucian horse

Pura raze espanol, Andalucian horse,from Southern Spain was named after the province.

The breed is the modern equivalent of the ancient Spanish horses, which influenced horse breeding worldwide.

Spaniards believe the Andalusion to be a pure breed ,while others believed that the Moslems brought over 300,000 Barbs which mixed with the local horses to produce the Andlusian in 711 A.D

Beauty at its best!

This horse is noble, elegant and proud with courageous spirit and spectacular paces.

The head is of medium length, with a straight or slightly convex profile.

Neck is long and broad, running to a well-defined wither; chest is massive; back short; and hindquarters broad and strong, with well-rounded croup.

The breed tends to have clean legs, with no propensity for blemishes or injuries, and energetic gait.

The mane and tail are thick and long, although the legs do not have excess feathering.

It is agile and athletic, with a good temperament.

It stands around 15.2hh (1.57m), has a long thick and often wavy mane and tail. 

The Andalusian breed, has over the centuries been consistently selected for athleticism.

Today they are used for show jumping, dressage, western pleasure, driven and many other classes at horse shows.

The dramatic appearance of the Andalusian horse, with its arched neck, muscular build and energetic gaits, has made it a popular breed to use in film, particularly in historical and fantasy epics.

Andalusians have been present in films ranging from Gladiator to Interview with a Vampire, and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life to Braveheart.

The horses have also been seen in such fantasy epics as The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, King Arthur, and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

This breed of horse is truly a favouright of me and one I would love to own. Truly a splendid horse, much admire by all.

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