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Have you ever looked inside your horse’s mouth? Age horse

A horse’s teeth need to be kept in good condition, so it’s important to have your horse regularly checked by a vet or equine dentist.

By the age of five, your horse will have a full set of permanent teeth.

What type of teeth do horses have?


Molars or “true molars” are also known as grinding teeth so their purpose is to grind food.

They are located in the upper and lower jaws to the rear of the mouth on either side of the face.


Incisors are also known  as biting teeth.

They can be found in the front of the lower jaw and top jaw.

Incisors are used to bite with and collect food to eat.

The two centre teeth are the “centrals” and the rest of the incisors on either side of both the upper jaw and lower jaw are known as “laterals.”

The ones remaining are the “corner teeth.”


Originally, tushes existed in horses as “weapons” for survival, but today they have no purpose for the domesticated horse.

Tushes are found in male horses and appear around the age of four years.

They can occasionally occur in mares.

A horse has four tushes that appear between the incisor and molar teeth, two in each one in each jaw.

Tushes can sometimes cause discomfort with biting.


Wolf teeth

Wolf teeth are extra teeth, which are smaller than the true molar and can usually be found in the upper jaw, lying close to the first molar.

Wolf teeth are usually present between the ages of two and five years. Most of the time they are lost with the milk teeth.

Remaining milk teeth can cause discomfort when a horse is bitted.

If this is the route of your horse’s bad behaviour, then my advise would be to have them removed by a veterinary surgeon or equine dentist.

What are tables?

This is the name given to the teeth, which bites and grinds the food. The area that is worn down with the grinding up of food is the table.

What is the infundibulum?

The infundibulum is also known as the mark.

It is found on the permanent incisors and is a blackened depression that can be seen on the table.

If a horse has an undershot or overshot jaw, you will find it more difficult to age the horse.

Did you buy a horse, that turned out to be older or younger than advertised?

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