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There are so many beautiful horses, bred all over the world and this one is definitely delicate with an intelligent look about it. 

The graceful Morab is an American horse breed, which developed from crossing Arabian and Morgan horses.

In the 1920s, William Randolph Hearst used two Arabian stallions to sire his Morgan mares, which produced horses to work on his ranch in California.

So, by the fusing of these truly amazing breeds, we have the graceful, intelligent Arabian with an abundance of stamina, crossed with the distinguished Morgan of outstanding qualities of elegance, strength and endurance.

The Morab ultimately has all the right ingredients inherited from these two quality breeds; one of striking beauty, intelligence, stamina, strength and very bright.

In order to claim full breed status to register in the Morab Horse Association (MHA) in the USA, it seeks acceptance of no more than 25% - 75% either Morgan or Arab blood.

Height and colouring

The average height is 14.2 – 15.3hh with a variety of solid coat colours being chestnut, brown, bay, black, buckskin, grey and palomino.

Chestnut and grey are most commonly seen, while buckskin and palomino occurs often from the genes of the Morgan influence.

Coloured horses such as Appaloosa, Overo and Tobino are not found as neither of the foundation breeds displays such colourisation.


The breed is extremely appealing to the eye with a gorgeous inherited “dished” head of the Arabian with the muscled jaw of the Morgan.

The head rests on a graceful well put together arched neck of correct proportion. With a good size chest and sloping shoulders making it more versatile in function.

The back is short and compact with strong hindquarters, powerfully built.

The leg joints are large with flat bones along with short but tough cannons. 

“Without the foot you have no horse”, and this is a quality the breed possess; for the feet are well developed, round and solid making it less prone to foot problems.

The mane and tail is full set and thick with an eye-catching high tail carriage.


The breed is known to be affectionate, intelligent so it learns quite quickly.

It’s kind and caring with a calm disposition and loving nature thriving on work.

With most intelligent horses, they have a tendency to get bored very quickly so variety is always best to stimulate this type of horse.


Morabs are extremely versatile having competed successfully in many equestrian disciplines such as carriage driving, eventing, endurance events and showing classes.

They are also used for ranch work and as a general riding horse.


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