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Training a horse

If you have arrived at our free information site then our guess is that you are as crazy about horses and all things horsy as we are at Horse Training Care!

It is our intension to develop this Web site into a one-stop-shop for all horse information ranging from breeding, to horse breaking, training a horse, horse facts, stable management, training and care and everything in between, so be sure to visit us regularly.

We aim to assist anyone who is just starting out in the equine world with useful free horse training information, horse tips, horse tricks and the breeding mare as well as assisting the more experienced horsemen and women.

Training a horse

Horses are beautiful generous creatures, noble willing and patient. They have served us well for thousands of years.

We have fought battles on their backs, used them to pull heavy loads of goods to ports. They plough fields for agriculture and pulled trams for transport.

They hauled coal underground and delivered our mail.We have driven them and ridden them.

For centuries they were our only form of transport and have played a role in virtually every country.They still play an important role with the police force for patrol duties and crowd control, and to agriculture and transport today in some countries.Large cattle ranches still require riders on horseback for herding cattle that are scattered across remote, rugged terrain.

Now we use horses and ponies mainly for pleasure and recreation, some are just kept as pets and others are used in a therapeutic role with disabled people of all ages.

We enjoy our equestrian sports that include show jumping, horse racing on the flat and over fences, harness racing, dressage, showing, polo, eventing, hunting, three day eventing, cross counting, hunter trials, working hunter, endurance riding, Western riding, rodeos, side-saddle, gymkhana, in hand classes and driving classes either competing or as a spectator.

Horses are frequently seen in television and films.

We owe it to them to learn as much as we can about them, to understand them.

Horses are creatures of habit and have excellent memories.

When it comes to training a horse, most principles are based upon getting the horse to accept a human as the dominant herd member, so they will look to us for leadership.

Building up a strong relationship and bond with the animal and developing trust and confidence that the human will be the responsible “leader” should do this.

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